Angela Game is a developer founded in March 2019. Our team consists of members with over a decade of experience in game development each, with backgrounds developing titles for PC, Steam, Playstation, and Xbox.

Our team’s well-rounded set of skills allows them to be adept in building game engines, AI, animation, physics, and netcoding. This diversity of abilities allows us to build strong foundations upon which to develop our games.

In terms of game design, our team has worked on many games featuring real-time strategy and large-scale interactive battles. We are committed to creating more realistic and immersive experiences.

At present, Angela Game is working on two projects: Iron Conflict, a competitive real-time strategy and tactics; and Myth of Empires, a massively multiplayer online war sandbox game.

Passion for Game Building

Our love of gaming is reflected in the hard work and passion we put into our games. We build games that we want to play ourselves - then we share them with our players.

Our Commitment to our Players

We believe player input and feedback is an integral part of the game development process. We are not a company that jumps from one project to the next - we aim continuously perfect and improve our games, working alongside you to make them as good as they can be.